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Terms & Agreements


General Terms and Conditions



1. All transactions are FINAL except as provided in this Agreement.

2. Orders made through an anonymous proxy server, an anonymous internet connection, an anonymous VPN connection, an anonymous AOL connection or any kind of anonymous Internet connection are strictly prohibited.

3. MoneypakToBitcoin.com reserves the right to solicit and obtain identity verification documents for the user as its sole discretion with the purpose of confirming the user’s identity. Accepted verification documents include one or more of the following government issued documents:

National ID card or similar.
Drivers License.
Utility bill
Signed agreement

Users sending funds on behalf of a company or organization will be asked to provide documents proving the authority of the user to dispose of the funds (being the director or executive of the company, providing registration documents or valid invoice or company’s register record).

User may be asked to provide additional documentation for the purposes of verifying the user’s identity at the sole discretion of MoneypakToBitcoin.com

Verification documentation must be sent within 5 calendar days from the time of the order to the email address provided on the order verification email. If the user does not provide the requested documentation within the aforementioned time period, the order will be voided and funds for the order in question returned as explained on paragraph 5.

4. MoneypakToBitcoin.com may at its sole discretion return the received funds less fees and administration costs (Minimum of 20 EUR) in the following cases:

Purpose of payment (Memo, Payment info) in the bank wire is missing or incorrect.
Funds were sent from an account under a different name (name does not match user’s name).
3rd party payment (user had someone else send funds from their bank account to user’s e-currency account or vice versa as explained in paragraph 2).
There is a reasonable suspicion that received funds are fraudulent.
User refuses to submit verification documents (as explained in paragraph 4).
There is a reasonable suspicion that verification documents are counterfeit.
The order in question has been placed from an anonymous IP address (as explained in paragraph 3).
User failed to provide verification documentation on a timely manner as explained on paragraph 4.

5. All gathered information about the user will be handed to the user’s local law enforcement authorities if there is a reasonable suspicion of money laundering, attempt to defraud, attempt to send fraudulent funds, or attempt to counterfeit personal documents.

6. The user is solely responsible for the validity and accuracy of the information provided for MoneypakToBitcoin.com to complete the order or orders. The user is solely responsible for all transaction, including those transactions were payment was made to an incorrect account because of incorrect information provided by the user. Users must be aware that the transfer of funds into a wrong bank or e-currency account(s) due to incorrect information provided by the user cannot be reversed or refunded.

7. Any tax consequences of MoneypakToBitcoin.com orders and/or transactions are the sole responsibility of the user.

8. By entering an order with MoneypakToBitcoin.com and agreeing to this terms and conditions, the user is entering into a binding contract between the user and MoneypakToBitcoin.com Company INCORPORATED. The user agrees to respect and execute the terms on this binding contract.





Privacy Policy

This website is owned and operated by MoneypakToBitcoin.com Company. We take your privacy seriously, and to protect it we comply with the following principles. Any information you supply for our online services will only be used in accordance with this privacy policy.

By providing us with your personal information, you agree to the collection, storage and use of your personal information by MoneypakToBitcoin.com Company in the manner set out in this privacy policy and the Terms and Conditions set forth for our services.

To provide you with our online services, we need to collect certain personal information about you. Details of the type of personal information that will be collected and how it will be used are explained during the transaction process or contained in the Terms and Conditions for the relevant service. Please also read the section below relating to cookies. We will not use your personal information for direct marketing purposes.

This website does use “cookies”. A cookie is a file saved on your computer that stores information about you and your activities. We use this information strictly to process your orders with us. We never track or otherwise use collected information through cookies for any other reason or purpose. Other companies’ use of cookies is subject to their own privacy policies.
Disclosure of information

MoneypakToBitcoin.com Company, Incorporated will not sell your personal information or otherwise disclose it to a third party without your consent, except under the following circumstances:

If ordered by the issuing bank for our debit cards customers as part of their ongoing Know Your Customer verification procedures.


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