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Our Rates/Fees

Rates & Fees

The following are our rates/fees:


Reloadit to Bitcoin                    4%  (Most Popular)


Reloadit to Perfect Money       5%


Western Union to Bitcoin        3% (WU fee is waved**)


Bitcoin to Western Union        3%


Amazon Gift Card to Bitcoin    7%


Bitcoin​ to Amazon Gift Card    1%


Moneypak to Bitcoins (BTC):   5%


Bitcoins to Moneypak (BTC):   5%


Vanilla to Bitcoin:       7%


Bitcoins to Vanilla:      7%


PayPal My Cash to Bitcoins:    7%


Bitcoins to PayPal My Cash:    5%


PayPal My Cash to Perfect Money:   6%


Netspend to Bitcoin                 5%


Bitcoin to Netspend                 6%


Perfect Money to Moneypak:  6%


Moneypak to Perfect Money:  6%


Bitcoins to PayPal                     6%


Perfect Money to Bitcoin:        5%


Bitcoin to Perfect Money:        3%





* %: is our rate (commission) for the exchange. For example, if you want to exchange $500 Reloadit card to Bitcoins, we will charge you 4% commission of the total amount you want exchanged, which will be $30.

P.S: Our minimum commission is $30 USD.


**: We only wave WU fee if the total order is $250 or up.




(Please don't include currency

symbols such as $ or €)

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